In November of 2010, God brought four central Kentucky men together to
form a new male quartet called HIS HEART. The name is a result of the
desire of these men to be seekers of God's heart and to share God's Love to
their audiences.
Their mission statement is: Sharing GOD's LOVE from HIS HEART to Yours,
and in doing so, bringing lost souls to the salvation provided through Jesus
Christ, and to bring reconciliation to those who have strayed from the
fellowship of God. "We want our ministry to be an encouragement to
everyone, Christians and the unsaved as well. The world as we know it, has
a lot of strife and heartache. HIS HEART wants our concerts and music to
be a place where people can be blessed and lifted up, and shown the
opportunity to find a better way through Christ."
HIS HEART's style of music can only be defined as truly SOUTHERN
GOSPEL. Their songs will bring out memories of their favorite quartets, as
well as original music, to uplift the spirits of all who listen
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